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A culinary arts certificate should go beyond classic cooking methods and food techniques. There should also be an equal focus on business management and entrepreneurship. Escoffier Online’s professional culinary program is bringing you an entirely new hospitality education experience. This 100% online culinary certificate covers everything from farm-to-table cuisine and palate development to menu planning, budget management and kitchen design. No matter your culinary career path, this revolutionary culinary arts certificate provides you with competitive and convenient training to get you there.

At Escoffier Online, we believe in more than giving you the tools you need to be successful. We believe in providing you with the confidence you need to chase your culinary dreams.

Program Highlights Include:

  • 100% online classes with a hands-on externship
  • Over 150 cooking assignments for hands-on learning
  • Over 300 specific culinary skills & techniques
  • Classic and modern techniques & methods
  • Six fast-paced, 6-week training blocks
  • Extensive baking & pastry arts training block
  • Farm-to-table cuisine and sustainability focus
  • Entrepreneurial curriculum
  • Emphasis on restaurant management & cost control
  • Global cuisines exploration
  • E-portfolio of your work with each class
  • Certificate in Culinary Arts upon program completion
Program access includes
clockIcon24/7 Access

Get access to your courses anywhere and anytime from most devices.

playBTNIcon_2Hundreds of instructional videos

Designed to break down the science and explain the “whys” behind a particular technique or skill.

chefHatChef instructor support

Access to a team of chefs that will help instruct you throughout your journey.

iPadIconInteractive tools

Build your knowledge with our interactive culinary games and quizzes along with a professional skills database.

onAirIcon_2Live chef demonstrations

Interact live with our chef instructors as they demonstrate hot new culinary trends.

chatIconCulinary community

Communicate, network and share recipes with thousands of students online.



Earn your culinary arts certificate online! Our 100% online culinary programs are about building a deep knowledge of culinary topics and a solid foundation in the business and management skills you need to successfully run a kitchen. By getting your online culinary certificate through Escoffier Online, you gain access to videos, demonstrations and the expertise of a team of professional chefs to help you succeed.

In a matter of months, our culinary arts certificate program will open you up to the world of fine dining and cuisine, introducing you to techniques and methods inspired by Master Chef Auguste Escoffier. In this innovative online culinary certificate, you will build real-world kitchen credentials by studying and mastering:

  • Culinary Concepts and Foundations
  • Introduction to Computers and Online Learning
  • Culinary Skills and Techniques
  • Culinary Careers from Entry Level to Management
  • Culinary Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Facility Layout and Design
  • Cuisines of the World
  • Food and Beverage Cost Control
  • Farm To Table®
  • Management by Menu
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Industry Externship


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Maintain a safe working environment by using proper food handling skills and following food safety guidelines. Proficiently operate basic office equipment, computer, and basic computer programs utilized in daily operations (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.).

Culinary Concepts and Foundations

Covers basic techniques: terminology, seasoning, cooking methods, knife skills, mise en place, and food safety and sanitation.

Lecture Hours: 45
Credit: 4.5
Lab Hours: 40
Credit: 2

Introduction to Computers and Online Learning

Covers online communications (email, forums, etc.), Internet browsers, and online learning tools. Students establish positive learning habits, including time management, active learning, and self-motivation.

Lecture Hours: 10
Credit: 1


Prepare all food items consistently while adhering to all recipe standards. Manage a large team while delegating tasks and ensuring consistent follow-up.

Culinary Skills and Techniques

Covers several cooking methods in depth, from moist to dry cookery.

  • Sauté
  • Frying (Deep and Shallow)
  • Poaching and Steaming
  • Braising and Stewing
  • Roasting and Baking
  • Technique Combinations and Adaptations

Lecture Hours: 45
Credit: 4.5
Lab Hours: 40
Credit: 2

Culinary Careers from Entry Level to Management

Covers food service careers and the principles of good service. Also covers managerial skills: making responsible decisions, training employees, motivating them, disciplining them, and creating a safe and positive work environment.

Lecture Hours: 30
Credits: 3


Schedule production of bread, rolls, biscuits and muffins to maintain an inventory of freshly baked goods as needed. Use knives, slicers, mixers, choppers, grinders and all other equipment in a safe manner according to the manufactures recommendations and hotel safety standards.

Culinary Baking and Pastry Arts

Covers pastries from bake shop staples to exotic international desserts, along with the theory and chemistry of the pastry arts. Includes icing and decorating techniques.

Lecture Hours: 45
Credit: 4.5
Lab Hours: 40
Credit: 2

Facility Layout and Design

Covers layout, design, logistics, and use of different areas of a facility (kitchen, storage areas, break rooms, etc.). Also covers use of equipment.

Lecture Hours: 30
Credits: 3


Prepare and present a variety of high quality dishes to deliver an excellent guest experience.

Assist in setting up plans and actions to correct any food cost problems; control food waste, loss and usage per SOP.

Cuisines of the World

Covers cuisines from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, with a focus on French and Italian cuisine. Students learn about the history and culture of each region, key ingredients and cooking styles that characterize the cuisine, and how to produce some of the region’s signature dishes.

Lecture Hours: 45
Credit: 4.5
Lab Hours: 40
Credit: 2

Food and Beverage Cost Control

Covers accounting and managing budgets, especially as it relates to the hospitality industry. Students learn how to minimize costs and maintain a full range of customer services. Specific topics include culinary math and basic business accounting transactions.

Lecture Hours: 30
Credits: 3


Develop and implement performance metrics with suppliers, and monitor/support continuous improvement. Drive the development process, creating appetizers, main courses, sides, and desserts for future menus

Farm To Table®

Covers the relationship between the chef and the supplier, how to use sustainable and organic foods in menu production, and different methods of sourcing food.

Lecture Hours: 45
Credit: 4.5
Lab Hours: 40
Credit: 2

Management by Menu

Shows students how the menu is used as a financial tool and communication tool. Covers all aspects of menu planning and design, ranging from visual design to price analysis to making use of available resources.

Lecture Hours: 30
Credits: 3



Covers business planning, financing, recognizing opportunities, developing strategies, and marketing. Course includes a final project in which the student produces and presents a complete business plan for a food service operation.

Lecture Hours: 30
Credits: 3

Industry Externship

Students apply and build on the skills and techniques they’ve learned in previous courses in a real-world environment. In the process, they gain hands-on experience in the kitchen, develop industry contacts, build working relationships, and hone the skills necessary for a culinary career.

Externship Hours: 150
Credits: 5

Featured Chef


Chef Austin Yancey holds an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Culinary Arts as well as a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Management. He also holds the designations of Certified Executive Chef, Certified Culinary Educator and Personal Certified Executive Chef from the American Culinary Federation. Chef Yancey was named “2012 Educator of the Year in Academic Leadership” for Career Education Corporation, one of the organizations highest honors.

Along with educating his students, Chef Yancey continues to pursue competitive cooking opportunities and further ACF certification. In 2012, Chef Yancey was accepted into a Certified Master Chef training program spearheaded by CMC, WGMC Edward G. Leonard. That journey would take him around the country and even the world training and competing, earning many professional competition medals and accolades. In 2013, Chef Yancey traveled to Dubai, UAE and with his team earned a gold medal while representing the United States.

Escoffier International Culinary Academy has created an exceptional culinary training...

program that can reach aspiring chefs on a scale not previously thought possible and is clearly an effective learning program for novices and advanced cooks alike. I had regular access to chef mentor Mark as well as live webinars. Hands-down, this program is the best online solution for cooks of every level to learn independently.

Mark W
Culinary Arts Program Graduate
I always wanted to go to culinary school but never had the time or money to devote...

to it. Finding out about Escoffier has been the next BEST thing. I’ll be honest and admit that I was skeptical about Escoffier at first. I wasn’t sure if I could really get much out of the online approach but my skepticism quickly faded. In the first half of the program, I have learned new cooking techniques and terms that I wasn’t familiar with. The structure, while not rigid, encourages students to be organized and self-disciplined. And of course the other great features — mentors always available, webcasts, chats, social media, etc. — a very impressive program with time and money well spent! I’m looking forward to continued learning and completing the program. Successful completion of the program will add even more credibility to my culinary career.

Robin C
Culinary Arts Program Graduate