Keeping Up With: Sugar, Frozen Food & Charities

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Low In Fat, But High In Sugar
In a Harvard University study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, milk was found to not be as healthy as we all thought. Well, low-fat milk at least. The recent cause for awareness about low-fat milk is due to added sugars, but the government recommends that adults and children over the age of nine [Read More…]

France Fights Back Against Frozen Food
Authentic French cuisine has long been the unofficial standard for fine dining and quality food, so foodies and culinary academy students come to expect the best from dining “au Francais.”  However, a recent survey revealed that a shocking 31 percent of French restaurants serve pre-made and frozen foods that were not actually prepared by the restaurants themselves. [Read More…]

White Asparagus With Escoffier’s Sauce Maltaise Recipe
In celebration of the 100th riding of Tour De France, the Chef will demonstrate how to make a “Tour De France” Recipe from Grenoble, White Asparagus with Escoffier’s Sauce Maltaise. To view the recipe and video [Read More…]

Austin Chefs Coming Together For Charity Again
On Memorial Day in 2011, Daniel Curtis, a former assistant food and beverage director at the AT&T Conference Center, slipped on his diving board and suffered a severe spinal cord injury on his sixth vertebrae that rendered him quadriplegic. Although Curtis has decided to explore a new career path outside of the foodie industry following [Read More…]

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