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A Meal In 30 Minutes Or Less
Are you someone who finds themselves ordering take-out or heating up microwave meals because of your busy schedule? If so, Escoffier Online’s Chef Mark Dowling wants to make dinner easier on you. In this video, Chef Mark walks through the step by step process of an easy 30 minute recipe. [Read More…]

Boeuf Bourguignon Recipe
In celebration of Bastille Day on July 14th, Chef Mark Dowling demonstrates how to make Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon step-by-step. View here for recipe and a list of topics that Chef Mark covers in detail.  [Read More…]

Sabayon Recipe
Chef Susie Wolak demonstrates how to make Sabayon step-by-step. View here for recipe and a list of topics that Chef Susie covers in detail. [Read More…]

Extreme Dining In Las Vegas
For students in online cooking programs that like to push the limits, dining at a restaurant firmly established on the ground may be a little on the dull side. If you’re a thrillseeker, you’ll have to take a trip out to Las Vegas in order to have a go at the newest culinary experience coming soon. [Read More…]

Austin Chef Shakes Up Industry Hierarchy
Top chef Paul Qui’s newest restaurant has officially opened its doors in East Austin and has begun dishing out delectable dinners in the kitchen. This modern establishment has really shaken up the restaurant world. It’s not that the dinner ware that was hand crafted by local potters that make Qui unique [Read More…]

Online Culinary Student’s Personal Feedback
In this video, an Escoffier Online culinary student shares her journey on finding a culinary program that suits her and provides personal feedback on the online cooking school. Elizabeth loved food at an early age, but realized one day that she needed to make healthier choices with what she was eating. [Read More…]

Escoffier Schools Host Trip Of A Lifetime To France, The Culinary Capital Of The World
9-day trip in October will include stops in Paris and Nice with cooking classes, cultural tours, food and wine tastings, and more! The Escoffier Online Culinary Academy and the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts announced the availability of a culinary tour to France, open not only to Escoffier students but also to food lovers everywhere [Read More…]

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