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Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Programs Accredited?

Our programs are not accredited, but we are endorsed by many prestigious affiliates within the food service industry..

  • The American Personal & Private Chef Association
  • Les Dames d’Escoffier
  • Auguste Escoffier Foundation and Museum
  • ACF Chicago Chefs of Cuisine
  • Disciples of Escoffier International – USA
  • The American Institute of Food & Wine – Monterey Bay

Escoffier Online is a work training program designed to train students for an industry position.

Chef Ceasar Herrera

Chef Herrera was introduced into the restaurant industry at a very young age. He began helping out at his dad’s friend’s restaurant, by the time he was in High School he was a line cook at “1776 Restaurant” in Crystal Lake, IL, cooking fine dining American Cuisine. After a few years he became the Sous Chef at “Pub on the Square,” another fine dining restaurant located in Woodstock, IL. After gaining great knowledge, he opened “Genovese’s Café,” an Italian cuisine restaurant, as the Executive Chef in Crystal Lake IL. His next project would be the Executive Chef at “Docks Bar & Grill” located on Bangs Lake in Wauconda, IL. His latest venture would be the opening of a Irish Gastro Pub, “Middleton’s On Main” in Wauconda, IL, which in its first year was recognized as “Best New Restaurant in the Chicago land for 2012″ and “Best Restaurant in Lake County” by the Daily Herald. After 25 years of experience as a chef, he would like to help other students achieve their goals through the Escoffier Online Culinary Program.

Chef Susie Wolak

Chef Wolak has over thirty years of pastry and baking experience, she brings substantial knowledge to the program. She had been Executive Pastry Chef for the famed Metropolitan Club in Chicago as well as for the Hilton Hotel in Northbrook, Il. Chef Susie also taught classic gateaux work and petit fours class at the college level as the lead pastry chef instructor at a local college. She received her education at the College of DuPage, Glen Ellen, Illinois, at the Chicago Sommelier School, and at the Alliance Française-French Culture and Language.

What Type Of Certificate Is Received At Completion?

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will receive a certificate of completion along with their Escoffier e-Portfolio. The certificate will be signed by Michel Escoffier, President of the Escoffier Foundation and Museum in France and great-grandson of Chef Auguste Escoffier, as well as the President of Escoffier Online.

The culinary certificate states Escoffier Culinarian, Certificate of Culinary Arts and the pastry certificate states Escoffier Pâtissière(female)/Pâtissier(male), Certificate of Baking and Pastry.

Students will also walk away with an Escoffier e-Portfolio. Each student will have access to their own Escoffier e-Portfolio via the Escoffier Student Portal. The e-Portfolio is where the student will document their work and progression in their program by uploading photos of finished recipes, as well as, writing a self-assessment for each entry. A Chef Mentor will then review each Assignment and offer a grade along with written feedback, thus allowing the Chef Mentor to monitor each student’s progress. Upon completing the Program, the student can continue to access their Escoffier e-Portfolio for a two (2) year period to use as a reference and demonstrate skills to potential employers.

What Are The Academic Requirements?

To become a student at Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy we do not require a SAT or ACT score. However, we encourage applicants to take the SAT or ACT because some culinary scholarships require these scores. One is not required to have a GED, high school or college diploma in order to enroll at Escoffier Online.

Both of our programs are for enthusiasts, careerist and professionals. There is no culinary or pastry experience required upon enrollment. Those with experience are suitable for both programs as well. Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy accepts new students daily upon completion of a phone interview with an Admissions Representative or can enroll directly online. Students must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to enroll, or parental permission must be received.

Who Tastes The Food I Prepare?

Many wonder how assessments throughout the program are critiqued if a chef mentor is unable to taste them? You will be tasting your own food. The chef mentor will guide you on flavor mastery. If you are opposed to tasting your cooking assessments friends and family can critique and give you feedback for when you fill out your self assessment.

Just like an onsite campus the chef mentor is not going to walk around and taste all student’s dishes. He or she will judge visually on appearance and technique. At Escoffier Online the chef mentors provide a rubric and detailed recipe to follow when preparing your assessments so students are able to prepare them to the chef mentors liking.

What Is The Approximate Food Cost?

Over the duration of the culinary program food cost totals to about $300 and over the duration of the pastry program food cost totals to about $200. All food being bought will be used for cooking assessments and certainly will not go to waste. There will be no need to buy lavish ingredients. All ingredients needed for the programs can be found at a local grocery store. However, if a student is unable to find certain ingredients they can speak with a chef mentor to help substitute that ingredient with something more appropriate.

Many students prepare their assessments for their breakfast, lunch or dinner. Involve your friends and family by having them test your creations. If you’re in both our culinary and pastry programs, you can combine assessments. Use a culinary assessment to serve as the main meal and a pastry assessment to serve as dessert.

What Will I Gain From The Programs?

Our programs are fundamental and basic training programs that teach students the foundational skills and techniques needed to be successful in a professional or home kitchen. Escoffier Online is wonderful for enthusiast and professionals looking to learn new skills or enhance on their current skill set. Our online culinary and pastry arts training programs are designed to prepare students for positions within the food service industry and also provide additional training to assist in career advancement. The programs will give students valuable hands on experience as well as the ability of purchasing supplies.

For those that might be unsure about a career, online learning is a great way to test the water and see if you are ready for a career change. Online learning with Escoffier Online is a great way to figure out if your passion truly lies in the culinary or pastry arts instead of attending an onsite campus that can be more time-consuming and expensive.

Is Coursework Required For Admission?

Is Coursework In A Culinary Arts Vocational Program Required For Admission?

No. Approximately 50 percent of our students come from career/vocational school programs and 50 percent come from traditional academic programs. There is no requirement to submit any previous course work, portfolios or any work related to a student’s previous academic or vocational experience.

Is Work Experience Required?

No, although some experience in the hospitality industry is preferred. A love of cooking is required. We suggest that you schedule a day in class with us or spend a day shadowing a chef in a restaurant if you have not worked in a commercial kitchen before.

If you don’t have work experience Escoffier Online helps students build a strong skill set and gain many qualities throughout the program that employers look for when hiring. One of the modules students complete during the programs is Life Skills and Career Development, which trains our students on interviewing skills and how to find gainful employment.

Escoffier Online also has a partnership with CareerBuilder® , the world leader in job placement services, which will give students additional resources to assist them with finding a job. This career service will be available to all students when they begin their fourth and last course in the program. The service will assist students in assessing their strengths and skills, create a workforce ready resume, search job postings throughout the US and around the world and practice interviewing skills. Collectively with the Escoffier Online Culinary Academy training and this career placement service, our students will be well prepared to hit the ground running in a new job upon the completion of the program.

Is There A Program Demo?

Once a student enrolls they will receive immediate access to the student portal and will be able to log in and start their course work. Once inside the student portal students will be able to interact with other students in the program using Escoffier Online’s social engagement. They also have access to recipe and skills databases, eBooks, glossarys, live webcasts, course material and assessments. To get a better understanding of how our program(s) work 100% online view our program demo.

How Much Time Should I Dedicate?

Students have 12 months from enrollment to complete the program. The Culinary Arts program takes on average about 4-6 months and the Pastry Arts program takes on average about 3-4 months to complete, if you spend 5-10 hours per week on average. Students are more than welcome to put more hours into the program to finish sooner or take their time and complete it at their own pace within the 12 month timeframe.

Some students find that they need to take time off, which is fine since the program is self-paced. Our students can pick up where they left off without falling behind. Make sure to schedule time to devote to your education. Set time aside to cover your course material, shop for your ingredients and prepare your food when you know you will have time to finish the whole process.


I’ve always been really interested in food, and I was looking to increase my education and learn a lot more about technique and things like that … There’s so many things I learned in the program that I’m able to bring to my job right now … It’s also brought me a different level of leadership to my team. They have a lot more respect for somebody with my credentials now, and I’m able to lead them a lot better in the kitchen. 

Christa Ruvolo
Online Culinary Graduate and current Food and Beverage Manager