Escoffier Online Grand Prix Competition

Escoffier Online Culinary Academy had their first Escoffier Iron Chef style Grand Prix student cooking competition.  Anne Gulotta and Meghan Meyer, two students of the online culinary arts program competed against each other in the cook off. The students were judged by two members of the Disciples of Escoffier and chef mentors of Escoffier Online, Chef Mark Dowling and Chef John Kartje.  For the competition they were asked to prepare the following:

  1. Whole Chicken (or parts cut from)  or a Salmon Fillet ( 6-8 oz already cut)
  2. Appropriate sauce or condiment (sauce, gravy, salsa, or chutney)
  3. A Seasonal veg ( must be cut into batonnet)
  4. A starch

Common Pantry items available for use:
All spices
Butter, oil
Yukon gold, Red Potatoes, Russet potatoes
Seasonal mushrooms
Misc other

Watch Anne and Meghan go head to head in the Escoffier Iron Chef Competition!

Thank you to Anne Gulotta and Meghan Meyer for participating and to our chef mentors Chef Mark Dowling and Chef John Kartje! If you have a question or would like to learn more about our programs, please contact us at (855) 696-6602 or [email protected]

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