Beyond cronuts: Other breakfast hybrids to watch out for

As you study the baking and pastry arts, you will find that it is an ever-evolving cuisine. Sometimes pastry chefs create desserts that have never before been conceived and sometimes a baker is able to make a new dish by combining classic ingredients.

When the cronut was first introduced, it quickly took the country by storm. The cronut was developed by classically trained pastry chef Dominique Ansel two years ago. Ansel combined the fluffiness of a croissant with the sweetness of a donut and soon found himself with lines for his New York bakery stretching around the block. While Ansel has trademarked the name, other restaurants have started selling their version of the cronut at locations across the nation. Even national chain Dunkin Donuts is now offering a croissant donut.

In the last two years, other individuals have tried to replicate the success of the cronut by mashing up donuts and croissants with other breakfast favorites or radically different food.

1. The wonut
One of the most appealing aspects of the donut is the convenience. It is a handheld breakfast that can be enjoyed on-the-go. Waffles have the reputation of being a much more stationary morning meal.

Waffles Cafe in Chicago is trying to cash in on the hybrid donut craze by selling the wonut. Thick batter is cooked in a waffle iron and then deep fried. The hand-held treat is then topped with a variety of glazes, sprinkles or frostings. Wonuts have proven very popular in the windy city. Crain's Chicago Business News announced wonuts will soon be made available in popular tourist destination Water Tower Place.

Croissant are also getting in on the waffle game. CNBC stated IHOP is now offering the Criss-Crossaint which is croissant batter cooked in a waffle iron and served with fruit toppings. 

2. The cruffin
Currently being sold by San Francisco's Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, the cruffin is shaped like a muffin but it is made with flaky layers of brioche dough. The item has been selling so well the bakery has had to limit cruffins to two per customer in order to have enough to meet the morning rush. 

The recipe was not invented by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. The bakery's co-owner and chef, Ry Stephen, says he brought it over from France and that it is a very difficult process. Recently, the recipe might have been stolen. San Francisco's ABC7 reported Mr. Holmes Bakehouse had experienced a break-in and a competitor or rabid fan may have made off with the cruffin recipe.

3. The lobster dowich
The most recent donut hybrid might be the most bizarre of them all. A restaurant in Boston called Kane's Handcrafted is now selling a lobster salad served between two donuts. The dish is called the lobster dowich. Time magazine reported on this savory and sweet combination, suggesting the buttery taste of the dough could compliment the lobster meat.

The donut bun is made from brioche dough, so it features the famous cronut flavor to go with its unique seafood filling.

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