All About Winter Squash

all about winter squash1Squash is one of those vegetables that is synonymous with fall comfort food. It has many varieties and applications that make it a contender every year. Enroll in an online culinary school course to learn all you need to know to handle produce of this kind.

Did you know squash is available during multiple seasons? Summer squash is another popular item and it can be served with its rind and seeds. Like winter squash, they vary in size, color and shape but can be used interchangeably in recipes.

As for the winter varieties, the following are available from early fall through winter:

It’s easy to identify acorn squash because of its nut-like shape. It’s ribbed rind can range from dark green to orange. The interior is moist to the touch and can be bright orange or yellow. Many people choose to roast the vegetable with olive oil and seasonings.

This squash is possibly the most popular of the bunch. It has a distinguishable shape that resembles a bell. The outer layer is thin, but it must be removed prior to eating. Inside it has seeds that can be scooped out easily. Butternut squash is served roasted or blended in a warm soup.

Many people know pumpkins are great as Jack-O’​-Lanterns and in pie, they are also part of the squash family. Bake it with cinnamon and drizzle honey for an easy fall dish. Additionally, the seeds are often roasted for a tasty snack.

The flesh of this squash looks like pasta when scooped from its rind. Many people eat it as a healthy replacement to spaghetti when choosing to limit carbohydrate consumption.

Also called Caribbean squash, this may be a variety that you are unfamiliar with. It is round and has a bright yellow to golden color, and is similar in flavor to a butternut squash. Some people find the rind hard to crack, so they use a cleaver to get to the core.

This squash looks like a pumpkin on the interior. It hails from Japan but has been used in the U.S.. It’s distinguishable by its green rind with lighter stripes throughout. The flavor is subtle and adds extra sweetness when added to a butternut squash soup.

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