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Escoffier Online, the most renowned name in the history of culinary arts, is now teaching culinary and pastry classes online. The Escoffier Online Culinary Academy showcases the methods, principles and recipes of the man who is truly the source of modern cuisine, Auguste Escoffier. See what our students have to say.


rebekah_f I came across the Escoffier Online program while I was looking for a culinary program that would be affordable, professional, and hopefully flexible. I honestly was doubtful I could find something that would give me all three of those things, but when I stumbled across the Escoffier Online program I was immediately interested by what it offered: namely, affordability, professionalism, and flexibility! The formatting of how the program worked and what I felt it would teach me led me to enroll with the Escoffier Online program shortly after I found it.
Rebekah F, Culinary Arts Program Graduate
mark_wilson Escoffier International Culinary Academy has created an exceptional culinary training program that can reach aspiring chefs on a scale not previously thought possible and is clearly an effective learning program for novices and advanced cooks alike. I had regular access to chef mentor Mark as well as live webinars. Hands-down, this program is the best online solution for cooks of every level to learn independently. Mark W, Culinary Arts Program Graduate
Robin Cazan.jpg I always wanted to go to culinary school but never had the time or money to devote to it. Finding out about Escoffier has been the next BEST thing. I’ll be honest and admit that I was skeptical about Escoffier at first. I wasn’t sure if I could really get much out of the online approach but my skepticism quickly faded. In the first half of the program, I have learned new cooking techniques and terms that I wasn’t familiar with. The structure, while not rigid, encourages students to be organized and self-disciplined. And of course the other great features — mentors always available, webcasts, chats, social media, etc. — a very impressive program with time and money well spent! I’m looking forward to continued learning and completing the program. Successful completion of the program will add even more credibility to my culinary career. - Robin C, Culinary Arts Program Graduate
Anna_Gulotta“I feel like I got just as much of an education going through the online program as I would have spending $80,000 on a two-year program. With the program online you can take your time, which is what I was looking for being a full time mother and having a full time job. I can say the online program at Escoffier has been very instrumental in helping me move forward in my career.”(See Megan’s video testimonial here)- Megan A, Culinary Arts Program Graduate and Pastry Student
Anna_GulottaI thoroughly enjoyed the Escoffier Online Cooking School. I love to cook, but never applied theory to my skill, and I learned I had a lot to learn. I’m a full time professional so I became a weekend cooking enthusiast. I often cooked meals for assessment during the week for dinner. As the program progressed so did I. I would recommend Escoffier Online School of Cooking for anyone who is looking to increase their skill level as a home chef, or for those who want to pursue a career in cooking and receive a certificate. I had regular access to chef mentor Mark as well as live webinars, and contact with other students in my class. I’d recommend Escoffier to friends and those looking to perfect their cooking skills. My biggest regret- the courses ended. I look forward to enrolling in other Escoffier cooking courses. Cooking is a passion. I’ve found mine! (See Anne’s video testimonial here) - Anne G, Culinary Arts Program Graduate
sohna.jpgI would really recommend the Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy. It’s important to not only pay attention to the slides in the modules, but to also take advantage of the availability of the mentors. They’re a storehouse of incredibly useful information and so approachable that it helps move the course into a truly interactive experience. The fact that it’s an online course isn’t even a problem- it’s so well-structured that you’ll really learn as much as in a more traditional course. And, it’s definitely more affordable! Sohna Ravindran-Kandpal
Culinary Graduate and Current Pastry Student
Pat_Ives.jpg“The Escoffier Online program was everything I needed to go into my new career, which is a personal chef. I have developed a lot of menus and skills where I feel comfortable cooking for families. It is everything I needed on my resume. What I thought was just going to be ok, turned out to be a totally great experience. I am very happy to have it on my resume!” Link to Video - Pat I, Culinary Arts Program Graduate
Elizabeth_R.jpg“I joined Escoffier Online as I have been wanting to take a culinary course (for career advancement) for a while now and have been searching for one that fit in with my career/lifestyle. Escoffier Online fit that bill. I have been working as a cook/sous chef/chef on yachts for the past four years and this industry does not allow time for a regular brick and mortar school. I also found, when looking for jobs, more and more employers want employees who are Culinary Trained. I was so excited to find Escoffier Online and to be able to work within the confines of my schedule. The Chef Mentors were fantastic with their feedback and the presentations were thorough. It was really nice to be able to go back to particular presentations for reference as I did on a few occasions. ” - Elizabeth R, Culinary Arts Program Graduate
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