What Type Of Certificate Is Received At Completion?

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will receive a certificate of completion along with their Escoffier e-Portfolio. The certificate will be signed by Michel Escoffier, President of the Escoffier Foundation and Museum in France and great-grandson of Chef Auguste Escoffier, as well as the President of Escoffier Online.

Students that graduate from Culinary Arts Fundamentals or Baking and Pastry Fundamentals will receive a Certificate of Completion in Culinary Fundamentals or Certificate of Completion in Baking and Pastry Arts Fundamentals. Students that graduate from our Certificate in Baking and Pastry program will graduate with a Certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts.

Students will also walk away with an Escoffier e-Portfolio. Each student will have access to their own Escoffier e-Portfolio via the Escoffier Student Portal. The e-Portfolio is where the student will document their work and progression in their program by uploading photos of finished recipes as well as writing a self-assessment for each entry. A Chef Mentor will then review each Assignment and offer a grade along with written feedback, thus allowing the Chef Mentor to monitor each student’s progress. Upon completing the Program, the student can continue to access their Escoffier e-Portfolio for a two (2) year period to use as a reference and demonstrate skills to potential employers.

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