What Is The Length Of The Programs?

Fundamentals Programs:

Both our Culinary and Pastry Arts Fundamentals programs are self-paced. Students have twelve (12) months to complete each program from time of enrollment. The same applies if you are enrolled in both programs; students have twelve (12) months from time of enrollment to complete that program. The student’s time will not double.

Once a fundamental’s student finishes the program, they will have access to the student portal for up to two (2) years from their enrollment date. If extenuating circumstances exist, the one (1) year completion time may be extended at the request of the student. Students that request an extension must submit documentation citing the extenuating circumstances to support@escoffieronline.com.

Certificate Program

The Certificate in Baking & Pastry Arts program is not self-paced and takes 13 months to complete. This program resembles a more traditional culinary school as students are guided through required weekly assignments and live sessions with their chef instructor. Falling behind or not participating will result in an incomplete and the student having to restart the program.

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