What Is The Approximate Food Cost?

Fundamentals Programs:

Over the duration of the culinary fundamentals program food cost totals to about $300 and over the duration of the pastry fundamentals program food cost totals to about $200.

Certificate Program:

The baking & pastry certificate program’s food cost will total approximately $1000 over the 13 month program. That equals about an extra $75 per month in food cost.

And remember, all food being bought will be used for cooking assessments and certainly will not go to waste. There will be no need to buy lavish ingredients. All ingredients needed for the programs can be found at a local grocery store. However, if a student is unable to find certain ingredients they can speak with a chef instructor to help substitute that ingredient with something more accessible.

Many students prepare their assessments for their breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We recommend involving your friends and family as much as possible so you can get extra feedback about your assessment while also ensuring no food goes to waste!

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